Natural Valley consortium.

Ancient tradition and modern knowledge.
“Tenuta Villa Tavernago” wines are the result of organically cultivated grapes in accordance with Piacenza province agricultural tradition and the very present need to keep the distinction of a natural unpolluted environment.
“Tenuta Villa Tavernago” vines have the “Natural Valley” certification and are raised using only natural products.

Organic farming is a production method that respects human health and the environment: a sustainable development model that promotes qualities of local communities resources, by supporting these latter in facing global competition.

The Consortium BioPiace was created in 2002 through the efforts of a group of farmers and support of Coldiretti, with the goal of being able to offer new business opportunities for mountain and hill farms of the territory of Piacenza enhancing their productions.

Since January 1, 2011 came into force on the Brazilian national regulation governing organic farming.
Companies that want to export organic products in Brazil must comply with that regulation (IN 46).
It's a regulation of the supply chain and therefore all the actors in the chain must be inspected and certified (by the farmer to the exporter).

Required certification for the USA.