TENUTA VILLA TAVERNAGO wines are the result of organically cultivated grapes in accordance with Piacenza province agricultural tradition and the very present need to keep the distinction of a natural unpolluted environment.
Vines have the ICEA, USDA and “Natural Valley” certifications and are raised using only natural products.
Growing, winemaking and maturation of Tenuta Villa Tavernago wines, meet rigorous specifications required by the “Natural Valley” Consortium that selects its products according to specific territorial, business and procedural requirements.
Tenuta Villa Tavernago stretches over a 400-hectare area in Frassineto and the surroundings. Here one can find not only vineyards and wine but also large beech and chestnut woods, barley and wheat fields and large meadows with magnificent Limousine cows grazing in a semi-wild state. The area is also a hunting reserve.
The vineyards (at present about 20-hectare) and winery are located in the municipality of Pianello Val Tidone, in a small valley protected by surrounding hills and enjoying a climate that is ideal for wine-growing.
In 1978 the farm has been bought by the Pirovano’s who converted it into organic farming; in 2002 they requested and obtained the ICEA and NOP (USDA Organic) certifications.
Tenuta Villa Tavernago goal is to produce genuine and high quality products while preserving the environment. Environmental protection is a cornerstone of the Pirovano family also in the parallel activity of green building.